Mission Statement

The sole purpose of EEI was; and continues to be; a mutual supporting of each other’s business endeavors through direct purchase and third party referral.


Executive Exchange Inc. is a networking group whose sole purpose is to create an atmosphere of trust and relationship building where it’s members can develop, exchange and expand business by direct and indirect referrals and leads through direct interaction at networking meetings and social events.

The membership of EEI is comprised of business owners and entrepreneurial sales people in local companies who realize that in order to make a business exchange valuable, and to deserve future leads and referrals from other participants, not only must they be the tops in their field and represent well, but they must give quality, pre-qualified leads and referrals to members of the group on a regular basis.

History & Overview

In the summer of 1983, a small group of highly motivated local business owners began to see a need to mutually expand their businesses and the scope of their operations in Northern and Central New Jersey. This small group of visionaries represented a wide array of services and products, In all, about 20 businesses comprised the founding nucleus, which has since grown to about 50 members.

The sole purpose of EEI was, and continues to be, a mutual supporting of each other’s business endeavors through direct purchases and third party referrals.

The heart and essence of the EEI membership lies in the guarantee that no member or category shall compete with any other member or category. Executive Exchange Inc. has an official “Policies & Procedures” manual that clearly defines its prospective member eligibility as any business entity that is not in conflict with an existing member. Potential members are eligible for membership pending acceptance by the Board of Trustees. It is under this umbrella of trust and understanding that each member flourishes and at the same time uses, refers and recommends the products and services of fellow members to friends and business associates.

EEI Executive Board 2022-2023

President – Eric Pearson
Acting Vice President of Membership – Jim Nicoll
Treasurer – Maria Rollins
Vice President of Programs – Lauren Ohl

Vice President of Social – Lisa Wagner
Vice President Leads and Thank You’s – Eric Green
Vice President Membership Advisory and Social Chair – Christopher Mammaro
Sergeant at Arms – Jeff Brophy
Counsel – Jason Meisner
Deputy Counsel – Michael Pallarino
Immediate Past President – Lisa Wagner
Advisory Counsel and Past President –  Michael Giovine, Christopher Mammaro
Members at Large –  Jim Nicoll,  Michael Auer